Getting started

Once logged into the Library, you will enter the GOGO CentralComDC Home Screen. The GOGO CentralComDC Home Screen has a propriety design to give you access to the internet at the same time you are listening to Live show’s.  This screen consists of an Exit button top left and Home icon at the bottom along with the following additional icons that give you access to the GOGO CentralComDC Music Streaming Library.

1. HOME icon

2. FOLDER icon (Song Index Library)

3. PLAYLIST icon (Live Shows Tracks)

4. YEAR/BAND icon (Live Shows based on Band and Year)

5. DATE/LOCATION icon (Live Shows by Date and Venue).

The Home and icons will show consistently after you select Track (Live Show song). There is a play screen when you select a Track from FOLDER icon. While Live Show Tracks are playing you have the option to pause, stop, and/or add a track to the playlist and also share that playlist you created. We are working on the ability to name the playlist in near future, remember we are still in the Beta Testing Phase.

We offer the icon GOGO Share which will have ability to share your playlist with most social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.  There’s also the GOGO Talk icon, which is a Video chat one on one.  The Articles/Video/Podcast icon is also available which will give you current GOGO CentralComDC news, shows, video, podcast, and articles.


Donald Campbell would like to thank you for your support and comments and together we will make GOGO CentralComDC Music Streaming Library the “The official music Library in Washington DC, the US and the World”.

If you have any further questions leave a message in the reply below.

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